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Benefiting from 25 years experience
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Introduction of the Apple Macintosh
Federal Express Interactive Pay for Performance System
IBM Production Employee Learning System
Ford National Dealer Sales Training
AllState Claims Performance System
SmithKline Beecham On Line University
Certification Programs for Business Technology
Association and AIRS
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Strategic Account Management (SAM) product developed in conjunction with the Harvard Business School
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IT Technical Certification Products for Microsoft and Novell Network Administrators, Programmers, and Help Desk Professionals
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e-Learning Tools and Systems

Web Based Training and Support
Mentoring Services
Authoring systems
Skills Assessment tools
Training Management Systems
Simulation Engines
Instructional Games

Consultancies (selected)

Childrens Television Workshop
Ford Foundation
IBM Advisory Board

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Over 30 articles and books on the subjects of training, education, the use of technology, measurement evaluation and certification programs.



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